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I have been married for 6 years now, stay at home with my two wonderful boys (2 1/2 and 5 mo). I also watch 5 other children in their home part time. I cloth diaper both of my boys, using hand knit, by me, wool covers and prefolds. I try and make a lot of our food from scratch and hopelessly fail at keeping house, but I try.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Shout Out to a Local Wool Loving Store

Circle ME of course! They love wool as well as other natural parenting and diapering options. I want to take a moment to spread some of that love around! They will be hosting a REdiaper sale on Saturday. This sale is great for diaper owners and diaper shopppers alike! At the last sale I consigned all of our infant sized prefolds, so that I could afford to purchase some more fitteds (my absolute favorite style of diaper. . . but at $9 a piece for the least expensive ones. . . still a luxury) for Gee. On a side note I also got rid of my first 'successful' wool soaker ever knitted, using the Curly Purly pattern. I had mistakenly left out the short rows, and on my 8lb 3oz babies it just didn't fit for very long. I found out, last Saturday at their Diaper Class that one of their employees snagged that one for her newest love. How dear it is to me to know that it was loved by another baby.

They also have booths set up for local vendors to participate. My favorite last year was a gal in the booth to our left selling green cleaning products made by herself. There were other natural parenting products being represented as well as toys and books. The doula's had a booth set up in the other room. It was wonderful. I can't wait to see who's here this time!

Among all the beautiful diapers they had lined up for their consignment sale were pockets, prefolds, AIO's, woolies and more. They had Goodmama fitteds, Fuzzi Bunz pockets, I even saw some WAHM made diapers and feminine pads. There were natural toys, nursing covers, wraps, teething necklaces and the like. If you're new to cloth diapering, or just need a good deal, consignment is the way to go! For new to cloth moms and dads, get a variety and ask somebody for help in your washing routines. You can put together your own inexpensive sampler package, rather than paying top dollar to find which ones wont work for you (hey, keep those and consign them at the next sale!!). Be sure to check out any sales that might be going on with their retail merchandise!

This would be a great weekend to stock up on your wool care products, since you'll be checking out the consigment deals anyway, right? Check out CJ's products in their retail side of things. CJ's All Natural Wool Wash is a 45% lanolin solution! This is a great option and easy to use for washing those woolies. You could even call it a no brainer! For in between washings you can add a spritz of CJ's Wool Revitalizer. Both of these come in scented and unscented options. Circle Me also carries Lansinoh Lanolin that can be used with a little soap to make your own wool wash! Here are the instructions.

You might all be wondering what I"m after? From the consignment side I"m going to grab me some stay dry liners and fitteds, should I find the right sizes, and I"m crossing my fingers to find an Amber teething necklace for Dizzy (Gee already has one) as he's getting his molars in now. On the retail side? Some CJ's love of course!! And don't forget those cloud-like mama pads by Fuzzi Bunz. . . gotta get me some of that love!

The Sleepy Sheep will see you there! Now to go make sure I have plenty of wool for you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When Flying Becomes Falling

Ok, so for several weeks I did just fine flying along as happy as can be. Keeping things clean and tidy, doing daily missions and so on. This morning I awoke to a filthy kitchen (thankfully not as bad as before I started flying) and an all around dirty house. I have to be honest with myself. I just got lazy. A lot of people have actual reasons getting in the way of their housework. They're busy, they work full time outside the home, their kids need a lot of attention that week due to illness or personal problems. They have too many negative voices in their heads, a lot of baggage, emotional problems, whatever it is. Me? My biggest trip? I JUST DON'T WANT TO DO IT. That's it. That's all she wrote.

I knew there was a sink of dirty dishes when I grabbed a plate of brownies and went to bed. I knew they were still there when I got back up and grabbed a healthier salad and returned to bed. And yes, when I got up for a 3rd brownie. . . they were still there. And of course they were there again when I woke this morning.

So now, where does that leave me? What am I supposed to do about it? I can't give up. . . there are those nasty voices telling me I failed yet again. . . but I haven't. I just had a fairly busy and emotional week. I didn't feel like doing anything, so I didn't.

I could blame it on the class I gave a presentation in on Saturday. I could blame it on all the work I got done sewing up soakers for the sale on this coming Saturday. Or I could face facts. I didn't get too busy. I just allowed myself to get too tired. I need to come up with an action plan for those weeks (lets face it. . . I"ll have one of those weeks every single month for a while now ~blushing~) when I just want to eat brownies and pout all day.

Well, here's my plan. And here's how I built it, so you can do this too when you come across a pitfall.

First, lets list the problem(s):

  1. I start off pretty good during the day, but peter out at night. I'm more likely to give up after 4pm than any other time of day
  2. Once the kids go to bed I'm just done. I"m wasted. . . emotionally and physically. I want to go to bed, watch tv, stuff my face and maybe, just maybe knit/read a book.
  3. I tend to run off to sulk when I"m upset, feeling confronted, or overwhelmed.
  4. I feel like The Hubs isn't helping, even though he is (proof is the beautifully cleaned boys room! and more that he did this weekend!)
  5. I don't feel like the zones are working out for me very well right now.(yeah I"m getting a lot done, but It's not helping me build any habits, and I"m really just cleaning 'around' the mess, as in picking up junk to dust under it.)
  6. last but not least. . . I am actually really busy (and yeah, a little stressed) over my 'opening debut' at Circle ME during their REdiaper sale this Saturday.

Now it's time to list the solutions to these problems:

  1. The quick and easy solution would be to take some 'me time' right at 3:30 to wind myself up for the rest of the day. However, that's when the 5 schoolagers I sit for get out of school. No real 'me time' there. Maybe instead I could focus on having the house done and ready when we get home from school. I could also have snack set up and waiting, so all they have to do is sit, eat and run off to play. While they're enjoying snack I can make myself a cup of coffee and a healthy snack. Then I can relax while they play. I should also have dinner started/ready to go before picking them up from school. It's too much to try and work dinner into the mix while they're all in my house, and I can't leave them outside while I work inside. So having everything done and ready should make it a little easier and less stressful to get started right after they leave.
  2. I can try and have my dishes and housework done before the kids go to bed. Maybe The Hubs can help with this. This way I CAN be done when the kids go to bed.
  3. Working on my routines or other house work when I'm feeling negative may be difficult at first, but maybe I can build it into a new therapeutic habit.
  4. Maybe talking to The Hubs can help us to communicate the best way to help each other out. If we knw exactly what's needed then filling those needs can be achieved easier.
  5. I should write my own missions for the different zones for awhile. This would be simple basic things. Like tidying the room on Monday, then Tues-Fri detailing different areas 15 minutes at a time. When I find that it's not taking long to clean and detail I can add Kelly's missions in as needed and doable. I hope this should support my new habits rather than distract from them.
  6. This will be over for awhile after Saturday. I"ll give myself the rest of that weekend off and plan myself a birthday party for the following Saturday night with the girls.

Ok, you can see how I did it, and what areas I'm struggling with. I hope that this has maybe helped you too. I am not moving on any further until I get out of my 'slump'.

Keep Flying!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are You Truly Allergic to Wool?

This week I made my first sale! I am so excited, and I just love that it was a good friend too. My friend, Katie, was getting some covers for an expecting friend of hers. Her friend is having a baby with Spina Bifida and is worried about the latex allergies that are common with this disorder. The PUL found in the water proof covers (or layers of the pocket and AIO styles) contains latex (I believe) and the elastic does for sure. My covers are latex and elastic free, so hopefully her friend will be finding some wooly love. I'm wondering if sposies have latex? That's another blog for another day though! This allergy thing got me thinking about the allergies people have to wool. . . or the imaginary allergies that is. Read on as I explain the more common 'sensitivity' to wool rather than allergies.

If you look at wool as an allergen, you'll discover that it's quite rare to have a true allergy to wool. Many people can be sensitive to the fibers of wool, which is why it can be itchy at times. If you are truly allergic your response to wool would be similar to an allergy of pet dander or dust (which if not cleaned or stored properly, you're sweaters will attract and trap such allergens!). You could get a rash on your face or hands immediately from handling the wool or even a few days later. I'm not talking a little itchy here and there. . . I"m talking full blown strawberry red bumpy hive-like rash. If you have an allergy it actually could be due to the wool alcohols in the lanolin. If that's the case for either you or your baby, it might be possible to use wool diaper covers w/out lanolizing them! Simply make sure to buy or make soakers that have plenty of layers and thickness in the wetzone. If it's made from a felted sweater, likely most of the wool alcohols have been washed and processed out. You would need to be extremely careful with raw wool or lotions and creams containing lanolin of course. And you would be very surprised at what contains lanolin. My apricot scrub for example! If the allergy to wool alcohols is too severe for even that or you're allergic to the fiber itself try using fleece covers if you want something breathable. You can wash them in your regular diaper laundry and don't lanolize them. They have to be washed each time and can not be reused until they are washed. I have not used fleece as a cover personally so I can't give you a testimonial on it. I do use it as a stay dry liner with some success.

As far as sensitivity to wool goes, make sure you get softer wools such as lambswool, merino or cashmere (that's my favorite, but for diaper covers it needs some major help in the wet zone!). Anything labeled simply 100% Wool, is not going to be any of the above mentioned. It's a scratchier wool that comes from regular old sheep. Wool blends can also be useful to people with sensitive skin!

Ok, so lets talk about the processing that goes into wool before it's made into that lovely sweater hanging on the wrack. I did some research, and it's a little overwhelming and I can't even begin to understand the process enough to explain it. I found lots of information on hand making yarn. . . that's simpler and involves less scary words ;) I'll touch on that another time though! For now I'm just going to list the chemicals I've read are used in this process. Most of my information comes from here.
Things like: (these were listed as possibilities in one step so I'm thinking only one is used?) Perchloroethane (read the health and safety section. . . scary), dichloromethane (it may be organic, but it's still scary), Freon and more. Which are then followed with a water/iso-propanol/hexane treatment. Then because they remove the lanolin, they have to add lubricants or the wool will become brittle and break. Though organic scouring is done rarely it involves a non-aqueous solvent (tri-chloro-ethelyne). Sulfuric Acid is concentrated and then carbonized. It's removed by a mechanical treatment. Then they wash and neutralize the wool with a diluted amonia solution and possibly add a sodium carbonate. The highlighted names there are pretty scary, so read at your own risk! I can't actually believe they allow people to work with those to process wool.

So you could be sensitive to the chemicals used in processing that may be left behind. If this is the case, you should be careful to avoid store bought wool sweaters with delicate or dry clean only washing instructions. . . because delicate hand washing wont get rid of the chemicals that may remain and dry cleaning just puts more on top of what's left behind. However, hand knit items from quality yarn (I'm talking about the stuff you can't find in the local craft store, but a yarn specialty store) that's minimally processed can work wonders for you. Wool is such a great fiber you really shouldn't miss out on being able to use it for something in your life!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Step Day 5. Telling Those Voices to Shut Up!

"You're not good enough" "You can't do it right, so why bother" "You can't do anything right" "You grew up in a dirty house, what makes you think you deserve a clean one" "Don't invite them over, they'll hate you for how dirty that house is!" "They'll be afraid to eat anything you bring to potlucks if they saw your kitchen!" "FAILURE" "The Hubs will hate you for the condition of this house!" "You make him (The Hubs) sick" "If you can't get it together, clean up the dang house once in awhile, he'll leave you" "If the right people saw your house on it's worst days they'd take the kids away from you" "You're not good enough and you never will be"

Ok, there's Step 5 Part 1 I wrote them down. Not all of them. I could go on for days, however, I"ll stop there. I also cleaned those voices up quite a bit for sensitive ears. . . they get pretty vulgar.

Here is my positive. To save time, bcs a mommy of two needs to, I copied and pasted from My thoughts are added in pink ;)

Step 5 Part 2, Shut them up:

Psalm 139 (New American Standard Bible)

Psalm 139

God's Omnipresence and Omniscience.
For the choir director. A Psalm of David.
1O LORD, You have searched me and known me. (I don't even know me that well)
2You know when I sit down and when I rise up;
You understand my thought from afar. (no matter how far I crawl away from you)
3You scrutinize my path and my lying down,
And are intimately acquainted with all my ways.
4Even before there is a word on my tongue,
Behold, O LORD, You know it all. (you hear these nasty voices before I do, and you know they come from deep inside me, they are not from You)
5You have enclosed me behind and before,
And laid Your hand upon me. (you will never let me go)
6Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
It is too high, I cannot attain to it. (who COULD grasp that thought!?)
7Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Or where can I flee from Your presence? (You are everywhere)
8If I ascend to heaven, You are there;
If I make my bed in Sheol, behold, You are there. (I believe Sheol is hell, could be wrong, the NIV says 'the darkest depths if my memory is right; So God, the God of light and purity can find me in the deepest and darkest depths there are)
9If I take the wings of the dawn,
If I dwell in the remotest part of the sea,
10Even there Your hand will lead me,
And Your right hand will lay hold of me. (looking back I can see that you've never let go of me, even in my darkest times, you have led me)
11If I say, "Surely the darkness will overwhelm me,
And the light around me will be night,"
12Even the darkness is not dark to You,
And the night is as bright as the day
Darkness and light are alike to You.
(OK, here comes the hard part. Read the WORD of GOD carefully here)
13For You formed my inward parts;
You wove me in my mother's womb. (Can a perfect God make a worthless failure? If He didn't make me a failure then what am I? )
14I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; (by a God that does not create failures, a perfect God who does not fail, who can not make a mistake)
Wonderful are Your works,
And my soul knows it very well. (I am His work, His creation. That means I am wonderful. Calling myself a failure is a sin. That's like calling HIS creation a failure, and a perfect God can not fail)
15My frame was not hidden from You,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth;
16Your eyes have seen my unformed substance;
And in Your book were all written
The days that were ordained for me,
When as yet there was not one of them. (before the world began God knew who I would be right now, in 2011, He knew what I would do wrong and what I would do right, He knew where I would allow myself to fail. He also knew how long I would live, because HE ordained it.)
17How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How vast is the sum of them! (isnt' this what I should be focusing on? His precious thoughts about me?)
18If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand
When I awake, I am still with You.
19O that You would slay the wicked, O God;
Depart from me, therefore, men of bloodshed.
20For they speak against You wickedly,
And Your enemies take Your name in vain.
21Do I not hate those who hate You, O LORD?
And do I not loathe those who rise up against You?
22I hate them with the utmost hatred;
They have become my enemies.
23Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me and know my anxious thoughts;
24And see if there be any hurtful way in me,
And lead me in the everlasting way.

The end of this passage demonstrates David's love for God. We can not love God and the sin in the world ~*Super important here*~ This doesn't mean we are to HATE sinners, just the sin! If you hate any person, you DO NOT LOVE GOD.

So what does this all mean? It's a sin to hate myself. Probably the one I struggle with most. I"m not perfect and I never will be. However, I was created in HIS image (check out Genesis!) by HIM. He could easily have chosen to not create me. He could have looked into my future and said "She wont amount to much, just be a little homemaker (and not a good one at that) and have a few kids (that she doesn't parent very well)" and decided the world would be better off with out me. But He didn't. (His thoughts of me are precious!!!) Why? Because he has plans for my life. Because I am not a failure, because I am not worthless. Because He WANTED TO.

So what do I need to do with all this information? I just need to pick up where I am and start over with this housecleaning thing. I need to keep truckin' with FlyLady. I need to keep shining my sink, getting dressed to the shoes, reading FlyLady posts, doing zone work and THINKING POSITIVE. I don't' have to go so far as to become conceited for start to think my stuff don't stink. . . I just need to remember that I am not a worthless lump of flesh. My husband loves me, my kids love me (even when Dizzy says "no, I love pancakes!") and need me. I will get up and make this house a home. It may never get to be 'sparkling clean' but it will look nice. It will not be an embarrassment when the Hoover Salesman busts his way through my door and shows me the uses for a vacuum in a carpet-less house (you should have seen the horror on my face when he showed me what filth lay on my ceiling fan. . . .I had no idea you were supposed to clean that!). My house will be a safe place for my boys to bring their friends over. I will have cookies to serve and crafts to make (or whatever it is that big boys like to do!) My house will be a home.

I am good enough to clean house, raise children and be loved by The Hubs. If I do it wrong the first time I am good enough to try it again, and keep trying until I get it right. No one will be angry at my failure. The house I grew up in is a motivation to keep my own clean, I can break the dirty house cycle. A true friend will love me no matter what my house looks like. People rave about my cakes and love my food. I AM NOT A FAILURE. The Hubs has reassured me there is nothing that would make him leave me, or hate me. He's proven this time and time again. My house is not a danger to my kids, my self hatred is. I am good enough because God made me good enough. HE does not make failures. He does not make mistakes. People allow themselves to be failures. I will not fail. I WILL FLY FREE.

Last week we were in Zone 3 the bathroom and extra room. The extra room was Office. My bathroom is sparkling and the kids I sit for were very impressed with my 'office', aka the desk in the dining room ;)

This week we are in Zone 4 (see above link) which is the Master Bedroom, Thank you Dear Lord God! This will probably be the hugest blessing to The Hubs, and in turn to myself ;) My habit this week is Day 6: clearing hot spots. So here goes. My hot spot that I"m going to deal with is the one that's created a forest fire along the wall in my bedroom. It's gotten so there is only the smallest of paths through our room. Especially now that we have a new queen bed. I am also going to try and get up early everyday to crack open my bible and go for a walk before everyone else gets up. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays one of my 3 bff's gives me a wake up call to get up and go. . . so those days should be no brainers, it's Tuesday and Thursday I'm worried about. The weekends will be my days off ;)

If you ever want to email me on FlyLady related stuff my address is:
"iwillflyfree @ gmail dot com"

As always I'll report back on Tuesday ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

So it's time to crack down on getting things ready to go for the REdiaper sale at Circle ME on April 2nd. I mean we have less than two weeks to go, right? Next Saturday I"m giving a presentation on wool during their Cloth Diaper class, and I"m really excited. But, I don't have a lot of things done that need to be done!!! I have to gather up some things to bless my booth with. . . such as a display, I like the one here, but I"ll make mine out of pvc pipe and paint it, using a ribbon to string across ;) I need something to store stuff under the table in, and something to cover the table with! I need to get a hold of a cash box as well and pay for my booth fee. I also need to make up another dozen or more butt sweaters. Especially since a friend of mine is stopping by today to purchase something beautiful for a friend of hers whose baby is due this week, plus placing an order for some more!

So, because I tend to be more motivated if I know people will expect an update. . . I will update you on my progress at the end of my Wooly Wednesday post ;) Of course, that's another thing I have to do. . . find a wooly topic and write about it!!! I'm thinking maybe health issues that make the use of wool for babies through adulthood a benefit ;)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fluffy Friday!!!

Dizzy is neither fluffy nor for sale, but the rest is!!! Expect to see most of this at Circle ME on April 2nd!

This gorgeous Soaker is a pull on style with cabling in the front and back. Due to the beautiful fabric I could not bring myself to felt it! It's perfect for a spring baby! Can you picture this peeking out on a fluffy butt under a skirt? NB/SM $12

This 100% Lambswool soaker is felted and a little thicker making it perfect for an overnight diaper! It is so soft and breathable, and don't forget that the wonderful fiber wool helps regulate body temps, rather than trapping heat in! $13 SM/ME

This lightweight pair of shorts can also be worn under an outfit is uber soft 100% Italian Merino Wool! It is perfect for hot summer days and includes an added wet zone for extra protection for outerclothing and people who want to snuggle that baby ;) $13 NB/SM

This gorgeous cabled soaker is lightweight and unfelted, making it super breathable! It's 100% Shetland wool that has not been felted, and is a M/LG size! Picture this with a pair of cute baby legs! $12

This M/LG 100% lambswool sweater is a medium weight making it perfect for year round! $12

This heavy weight soaker is 100% lambswool. The extra high rise is perfect for keeping tummies warm under t-shirts! Makes a great overnight cover, just put on some baby legs and a t-shirt or layer under your favorite jammies! Sm $12

These gourgeous tights are 93% Merino with a littly nylon mixed in for stretch! I've added extra wet zone protection to maintain my high standards. These can be worn as pants or under a skirt/long shirt! Sm/Me $15

See that hand made heart! That was my first applique using a sewing machine:)

This 100% Lambswool will be so soft on your newborn! NB/SM $12

Super lightweight 100% Italian Merino Wool! Sm/Me $17

This gorgeous soft teal longies will be so soft on your babe! Sm/Me $15

Don't you just love those pockets!

These beautiful pants are unfelted with cable detailing! They will fit a wide variety of sizes starting as a small and stretching to a generous medium on your yummy string bean! Sm/Me $15

100% Italian Merino wool size Sm. These gorgeous lightweight pants will accent any wardrobe while being super soft!! $15

I couldn't end with out showing off the coolest business cards every designed, by my good friend Courtney!

OOH! I love Fluffy Fridays! I hope make it a weekly event!
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Fluffy Friday ;)

Dizzy is neither fluff, nor for sale. . . yet I couldn't resist! The following will be available at my booth at Circle ME on April 2nd from 10-2 ;)

Beautiful and light weight. . . don't you love the cables in this large soaker?

A little thicker, great addition to a new baby's winter wardrobe or overnights!!!
Super light weight! And who can resist that wonky hand made heart? This will look adorable under a skirt or on it's own!!

100% Merino wool.. . gotta love it!

Check out the awesome pocket!
This one will be very adjustable in sizing!
Another 100% merino. . . so soft!!
My new business cards, made up by a friend ;) See the cute little lambs representing my Gee and my Dizzy? Gotta love me some lambies ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Classy Wool

I am so excited for the upcoming events at Circle Me!! The coolest news is that they are hosting a consignment event where you can consign and purchase used cloth diapers and natural family items. They are also having vendors like THE SLEEPY SHEEP!!! Go ME!

Today however I'd like to touch on their Cloth Diapering class. I will be supplementing this class with information on using wool! I can not wait! This will take place at their location in Lincoln NE on March 26th at 11am.

Provided that Gee is in a good mood I will be bringing him with me as my Male Model ;) I will demonstrate just how easy putting on wool is with a squirmy baby, as well how to wash and care for wool. Of course I will touch on the awesomeness of wool as a fiber as well as a cover alternative!!

Show up, have a blast and learn something new!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maintaining Flight

So this week I am simply maintaining the goals I"ve achieved so far. This was INCREDIBLY hard the last two days. Without enough warning (I did have some, just not a set time) the Hubs decided to refinish the floor in the kitchen (AGAIN!!!) and moved the stove and refrigerator. It needed to be done. However that meant the 6 yrs worth of crap sitting on top of the fridge was then placed on my counters. Filthy dusty and all. Crap. It meant I couldn't boil water to put in my french press. . . no coffee. Double Crap. You add that into my waking up Saturday going full force with my day with HORRIBLE TIME MANAGEMENT and you get a disaster.

I knew when I woke up that the Hubs would be starting on the floor as soon as he got home from bible study. I knew Dizzy really wanted cupcakes. Well, I had to clean the kitchen (it wasn't bad, actually, just putting CLEAN dishes away and clearing the counters) before doing anything else. I also knew I needed to get diaper laundry started.

I got dressed to the shoes (and yeah, I really did feel like doing more!) even though it was a Saturday. I fixed my hair. I emptied the dishwasher and put away the dishes I hand washed the night before. I cleared the counters and wiped them down, guzzling coffee as I went (At this point I didn't actually make the connection that I wouldn't have my stove for at least 24 hours). Then I started the cupcakes, cleaning as I went. I really should not multitask in the kitchen, I added 1/2 stick too much butter =( There was 5 minutes left on the timer (actually turned to be more like 10) when the Hubs came home. That's when I realized I had 1/2 an hour to get Dizzy to 'sign' a card, get both kids dressed, wrap a present, take a shower and get dressed (again) before running out the door to a bday party. With the Hubs' help I got it all, except my so wanted shower. I was gone all day, and came home to finally make the connection that we were loosing an hour of sleep!

We also came home with a new bed, since The Hubs' parents were getting rid of theirs in exchange for a tempurpedic (the kind that moves up and down). So I needed to make room in our room for it to be put together. We wont discuss the horrors found under our bed or the disaster that room is still in. When was I going to get to work on my kitchen that I put so much effort into last week? After church, running into town for pizza, cleaning our room (w/ help!) and getting the bed put together I 'cleared' the counters in the kitchen and went to go lay down on our new bed. I didn't get a nap. I got up and made frosting for the dried out cupcakes to share at our evening bible study. Then in a desperate attempt to find peace, went to a neighbors before the evening services. Her house is just clean enough to relax in, but never so clean I feel guilty about my own =)

However, Monday with some quite distracted kitchen work I did 15:5 minute intervals. 15 minutes cleaning, 5 attending to kids, getting a drink etc, repeat. I even cleaned the stove top. The burners are still soaking in hot HOT water and dish detergent, awaiting one of those steel scouring thingies. . . and somebody else to scrub them (yeah, in my dreams). I even managed to do the daily mission, decluttering in the bathroom for 15 minutes (minus 3 min since Gee couldn't face life another second w/out his nap). I still have to finish the other half of that daily mission and work on a hot spot on my desk (that would be my home office) for 5 minutes, but it's still only 1:00pm on Monday. And I don't have any kids coming over today. . . GO ME!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wooly Wednesdays

I wanted to dedicate Wednesday's to all things wooliness. However, since I spent all morning redoing my Flying post from Tuesday I thought a picture of some of the woolies I've made should suffice. I have to go and love on my little lambs now ;)
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Tuesdays are for Flying. . . on Wednesdays?

I thought I should start by explaining why my Flying post hasn't made it until today. I had it all typed up and ready to go on Monday. All I had to do on Tuesday was add some links and move on with my day! That's what I should have done. Instead I went link crazy. Then decided to add pictures. That was all fine and dandy, except when I realized it takes way too long to add pictures after you've written the blog. Maybe I just did it the hard way. Oh well. After taking too long, I wound up scrapping the whole thing and starting from scratch. Beginning with pictures. I don't know what I did, but I"m sure I did it, and the screen just went berserk! So I shut off the computer with the wild thought (VIRUS!!!) raging through my brain [the last one I had brought a dirty website up on the page while my son was in the room!]. Long story short, I decided to just wait until today!
Here are shoes I decided to start with last week for my 'dressed to the (dagnabit) shoes'. They are comfy, I don't mind wearing them in public and easy to put on but don't make me feel trapped and claustrophobic in my own house. However, they don't lace up, don't provide any support and aren't 'good' for me. Well, when I have $50 to spend on a pair of shoes that are 'good' for me, then I"ll do it. That'll likely be when I don't have any little boys growing out of shoes on a monthly basis (Gee!!). He actually grew out of one pair with in two days, yes TWO DAYS of bringing them home from the store. NO JOKE! So for my goal of getting dressed to the shoes I did fairly well. I didn't fix my hair or do my make up, but I did put on (blasted) shoes. Almost every day. In my book, weekends don't count. (Today I'm sticking to comfy socks bcs I can. Wanna fight about it?) This week, I"m adding my hair to this monthly routine.
Here I used fancy little tool (actually two little tools, but thankfully they come as a set) to put my hair up in a fun little bun. I also like to make two buns that are close together and make a diagonal line down the back of my hair. I"ll show a pic the next time I think about it, maybe later this week I"ll do it. Anyway, other stylish options for fixing long hair is the french twist (actually medium hair is better, mine's too long/thick), and the french braid. Why is everything French?
See? Don't I look purdy? Ok enough country bumpkin stuff! I do feel more ready for the day with my hair brushed and put up out of my face in a style better than one of those half done pony tails I normally do. The only thing is that the tools in it aren't very comfy when you want to lay your head back. You can feel them when you lay back. Grr. But we're supposed to be up and moving around right? Doing things like . . . .

. . . shining the sink! This was fly baby set number 1. And the only one I did last week. It started on Saturday while I had the hubs around to make sure the boys weren't killing themselves. I made a homemade cleaning scrub found on Hillbilly Housewife's site. Then I scrubbed it clean. And wiped it clean with a towel. You can find FlyLady's instructions here, but I didn't see the need for bleach since I don't worry about stains in my stainless steel sink. I kept it really clean until Monday night. The only thing that prevented it then was the dishwasher was running. I suppose I could have done them by hand, but I was super worn out with a sick baby and over active three yr old. Not sure I plan on adding hand washing dishes to my routine since we put in a dishwasher (the house didn't have one when we bought it) and then lost at least an eighth of my kitchen storage for it. Yes, the kitchen is really that small. If I had just been willing to think outside the box a little at that point I probably would never have wanted one. Either way first thing in the morning I unloaded and loaded the washer and called it finished!Monday's mission from FlyLady was to scrub the counters, side to side and top to bottom and get them clean!!! Move things around and do it! So I did it. Using the same cleaning scrub I had made the other day for the sink I first sprayed the counter with a vinegar/water mix (what I always wash appropriate surfaces with) before sprinkling with this magic pixie dust. I let it sit for a few minutes and then scoured, lightly. It worked wonderfully! Above you can see where I decided to snap a pic of the purple PERMANENT marker than had bled through onto the counter a few days before. I begrudgingly looked at that taunting mark thinking it would never come up. I almost gave up. Then I decided to make a past using the vinegar/water and pixie dust and let it set for 15 minutes. It all but disappeared. Only the faintest of marks (I can't even find it today!) was left behind after a little elbow grease was added. I think even that would be gone had I left it for 20 minutes instead.

Tuesdays mission was also accomplished though I didn't take a picture of that one, and frankly I"m just not in the mood for another 'photo shoot' at the moment :-P. Anyway the mission was to organize and toss out any tupperware you had. Well, I have the bare bones and no extra lids or melted pieces (actually I do, but those are called 'baby entertainment devices' and kept in the 'baby entertainment device cupboard' for days when mommy needs to be busy in the kitchen). So instead of that I did appliances. I didn't really have any to get rid of so I put the little used things downstairs in the basement (ok, left them for hubs to do, but I might do that today bcs I forgot to ask him to!) and added some organization to what was left. I also moved the plastic kids dishes to the bottom cupboard (now that there was room) so that Dizzy can help me unload the washer as well as load it!

That's all for now folks! Stay Sheepish ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesdays are for Flying.

I'm going to start flying again. In a jet plane? I wish. A kite? I'll take the boys soon, but not every Tuesday, silly. I'll be flying with FlyLady. I think I've tried to do this every year since Dizzy was born. Now that he's just turned 3 it's time to start again, right? Well, hopefully this time I will continue to fly, daily, not just on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are for 'blogging on flying' I guess ;)

Fly Lady is based on getting rid of the CHAOS in your house. CHAOS is short for Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome. And I've got it bad. It's even gotten so bad that I just have people over anyway, apologizing for the messy house and hoping that they think it was just a bad week. Better yet, maybe they don't even see the mess right? Wrong. They see it. My friends and family are wonderful and gracious at pretending to not see the filth clinging to the ceiling fans, the dust on the blinds and worse. I can't do it anymore. My job as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), well technically a Work At Home Mom (WAHM), is to raise our children, serve healthy and affordable meals, and honor my husband. For my husband, honoring him means keeping a nice house. He thrives in a clean and simple environment. He's practically suffocating in this house it's so bad. Raising my children means teaching them to be responsible people, you know, ones that help out each other and take responsibility for themselves (and their messes!).

I hate my house. Not the walls and ceiling. Not the colors or location. Not the floors or the drafty windows. It's the STUFF inside the house. You know the 9" pile sitting on top of my printer/scanner. All the JUNK that's piled on the dining room table that we can't eat at, even if we wanted to. All the TRASH I insist on holding on to.

I WANT TO LOVE MY HOUSE INSIDE AND OUT. So I"m going to. By flying. Every Tuesday I will update you on my flight plan and progress.

Today is the first day of March. Each month Fly Lady promotes a new habit for us flybabies to pick up. This one is a toughie. For me anyway. It's getting dressed to the shoes. That means bathing/dressing/hair/makeup/and, yes, you saw the typing correctly. . . .SHOES. I love shoes, I really do. They are the best fashion accessory next to a rockin' pair of earrings. I just hate wearing them. Even the brand new $40 boots I bought the other day. (Which is really more than double the amount I have spent on one pair of shoes in 3 years.) Not only does Fly Lady want shoes on, but she even goes so far as to ask for LACE UP SHOES. What?! Laces? You mean not slip ons, slippers, flip flops and so forth?! No. Of course not. Those are easily taken off and tossed aside. Crap. Yeah, I said it. Crap. I"ll say it again. Crap.

Alrighty then. I think I"m done griping. Crap!!!! I HATE WEARING SHOES INSIDE! I HATE WEARING SHOES OUTSIDE! POEPLE!!! I HATE WEARING SHOES! Ok. It's gone. I let it all out and it's gone. Lets move on now.

Now, why does she require this of her flybabies? If you stay in your pj's what do you feel like doing? Bumming around and drinking coffee of course. Playing online and being crabby with the kiddo's. Ignoring the CHAOS in your house. When you are clean and dressed how do you feel about yourself? Clean and good of course! When you fix your hair (even just a simple ponytail or a good brushing) don't you feel a little prettier than just running your hands through it and hoping you got all the lint fuzzy's out? When you put on your makeup (if you wear it at all) don't you feel at least a little more put together and competent? Well, we could stop there, couldn't we? Why bother with the socks and shoes? Proper lace up shoes are supportive, comfortable and will keep you going longer than being barefoot. Or so I hear.

So, this shoe hater is going to start wearing shoes. I may not get up and dressed before the kids get out of bed. I may not be in shoes until 10am or even lunch. However, I WILL get dressed every day, to the SHOES before serving lunch. Even if it kills me. Later this month, maybe I'll work on having my shoes on before serving breakfast. And, I"m going to start shining my sink. Every day. That would be Baby Step 1. I plan on just sticking with these two things until I have them down pat before going on to baby step 2. I moved to fast and too hard before crashing with my earlier attempts at crashing. Not again.

I will Fly, will you join me?

Edited to add:

I had been ready for the day, minus shoes when I typed this. I hadn't planned on caring so much about shoes in fact until I was reading some testimonials on Fly Lady. Then I decided that not only did I need to do this, but I needed to tell the world I was doing it. So I got on and started blogging it. The idea was to motivate me to put on my shoes, right? Well I took so long and lost track of time that I soon realized (literally seconds after posting the blog the first time) that I was late leaving to pick kids up from school. I still had time, but not much. So out the door I went, with my own two kids (I sit for 5 children after school and on non-school days) with my shoes on. Only I hadn't been wearing them when I realized I was late. So neither foot was entirely in a shoe, and the shoes were actually on the wrong feet. One of the tongues was bunched up on top of my foot, the other twisted up somehow. One insert was missing, and the other was folded and wrinkled up under one foot. It made me feel like a crazy disheveled person. And physically uncomfortable.