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I have been married for 6 years now, stay at home with my two wonderful boys (2 1/2 and 5 mo). I also watch 5 other children in their home part time. I cloth diaper both of my boys, using hand knit, by me, wool covers and prefolds. I try and make a lot of our food from scratch and hopelessly fail at keeping house, but I try.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Birth of the Sleepy Sheep Soap Sack

Here is my first attempt to earn money while sitting on my butt ;)

I am knitting up Sleepy Sheep Soap Sacks to be sold with Bliss Soap soap bars. Bliss is a local family run business selling hand made, all natural, minimal ingredient soaps. I am happy to be doing business with someone who is not only local but dedicated to good healthy skin care from a natural perspective. Dizzy, my oh-so-two year old, has super sensitive skin, to the point that it was cracking and bleeding. I was using 'all natural' brands from super stores and mega marts trying to find something that would work. I even stopped using soap/bath products all together. Then I met Wendy and her husband at Springfield Days in the flea market, selling their lovely soaps. I went home and immediately bathed my sons (this happened to be G's first bath with more than water, and he has never had anything else on his skin, not even lotion). After 2-3 uses of this soap in the bath, Dizzy not only stopped bleeding, but his eczema disappeared all together. This is a product I can stand behind. He's not even so much as 'scaly' or dry in his usual spots, and I use this soap myself now!! My favorite thing about their soap (I like the Made in the Shea'd the best) is that my hands feel more moisturized after washing than before. I no longer have that dry papery skin feel after washing my hands. I've replaced my normal soaps with this and even use it to was my face on occasion. It also works well as a shampoo in Dizzy's short hair and seems to be tear free.

My soap sacks are currently being made from all natural cotton, and I'm still working out the 'bugs' in the 'pattern'. My pattern is just a rough idea in my head and I plan to keep it that way. Every soap sack will be just a little different from the last one made, an original if you would. I have made one, and it is SUPER big, but that's ok, because I intended to keep the first one for me anyway.

Pictures of finished soap sacks will eventually be found on the Bliss site as well as here on my blog and FB. We plan on launching them on October 2nd at the Circle Me Diaper RE Sale at Wendy's booth.

Keep an eye out in the future for soap sweaters (working that idea out in my head), as well as personalized soap sacks :)

~Happy Knitting~